A Strict Mom!!! Blame The Stars…

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You can read the baby books and come up with the beginning of how cool or fun-loving mother you can or need to be with your kids, but the actual answer might be written in your stars.

Ever wondered what type of mother will you be? A domineering or fun mom? A flighty or a controlling parent?

Some say based on how the planets and stars were aligned on the day when you were born can predict a whole range of personality traits, even including your natural approach to parenting.

Well, if you’re wondering about the kind of mom you will be (or you are), then look no further.


Let’s see what’s the  celestial bodies has to say about it:

-Aquarius- An open-minded mom who won’t be judgmental at all about anything.

-Pisces- Moms who all are Pisces are very protective and have a ‘heart of gold’.

-Aries- Dear Moms could you be less competitive and quite moody? Watch out for your anger future moms.

-Taurus-  First and foremost you are stubborn. No to mention you are also known for your stability and predictability.

-Gemini- You all are very cool about anything, youthful and full of energy. We can call them the ‘Progressive’ moms.

-Cancer- Cancerian moms are best known for their “natural nurturers”.

-Leo- What can be said about this Zodiac!? Leos are known for their playful nature. Leos are full of energy and always ready to be involved with their kids. Good for you Leo.

-Virgo- They very organized and structural to their kids. Not to mention they are concerned about food and hygiene (more like obsessed).

-Libra- They knew how to balance tasks and still have time for fun. If you are a Libra consider you will have very cool motherhood.

-Scorpio- Sorry to say, you’re not just a mom, you’re the master and commander of the family.

-Sagittarius- You are full of adventure with different ideas and experiences. The party girl of the community. Your child will be lucky.

-Capricorn- You are the rock of the family, and you teach how to be a hard-worker and stay together.


But whatever it might be. Mothers and Motherhood are a blessing. Whichever zodiac sign mother you’re if you’re a Bengali maa then ‘Ar Tv dekhish na ebar porte bosh’ or ‘Porasona kore je gari ghora chore se’ would be a patent dialogue!