COVID 19 – Facts VS Myths and How to Stay Safe

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The COVID 19 virus has spread in the world like wildfire. In the second wave of CORONA, we are more ignorant than ever as a community, citizen, and individual. It is why cases are multiplying by hundreds each day in India.

We thought that we have the power of Ayurveda, Gyan of Vedic medicines, naturopathy, and whatnot. So we will win this battle in a blink because Indians have stronger immune systems. We thought we know everything. That we are safe. And that we even have had CORONA at some point and we didn’t know.


No! Ignorance is not bliss in this grave situation. Our ignorance and not following the safety protocols has landed us in a place where we are seeing the deaths of our loved ones. We do not have beds or life supports. Neither enough medicines nor vaccines. And it is not anyone to blame but us. We did not take our lessons from what happened in Italy, or the USA in the first wave.

Now, India stands second in the worst-hit CORONA-affected countries. All this because of our ignorance. So, here we are to burst some bubbles and tell you that we have to fight this together. Not by blaming each other. But by standing by each other and keeping each other safe.


Myth No. 1

Corona might have already infected me without me even noticing.


Corona is not a common cold. It is worse. The virus affects everyone to a varying degree. It is true that the mortality rate of the virus is low. But, we never know. The virus is mutating rapidly. This means that some mutations might not affect the way how it infects us. But it may mutate into something that is more infectious, deadly, and may even develop immunity against the vaccines we have in use. We do not know what it may turn into till it is completely eliminated from our surroundings or at least, contained.


Myth No. 2

Everyone who gets CORONA will get very sick and die


No. not everyone will get very sick. There is no need to panic. Yet, having said that, even the doctors don’t know how it will affect every individual. Some may have fever, weakness, or other symptoms. Who gets better at home. Some may not even need to visit hospitals. But that does not mean, that individual is you. You could have comorbidities that could make you sick on infection. Everyone’s body is reacting to the virus in a different manner.


Myth No. 3

I never have had any serious illness. So my immune system is very strong.


The degree of immunity varies with physiological factors. You could have compromised your immunity without even noticing. You need to strengthen your immunity from within by doing yoga, following a healthy lifestyle, and eating healthy. But even after doing all this, it does not mean, you will have super immunity that could combat the virus. It is up to every individual body and how it reacts to CORONA.


Myth No. 4

I’m below 40 years of age. So, I need not worry about getting sick.


Numbers say that in the second wave, even 20 to 25-year-olds are succumbing to the deadly disease. It doesn’t matter if you are below 40 or 20. All that matters is staying safe by maintaining the safety protocols.


Myth No. 5

Corona is a waterborne infection. So I’m safe in the open spaces.


The virus is waterborne but it has the capability to stay viable in the air inside micro water droplets that float in the air. Imagine, an infected person who was in a room has sneezed. Now even if he has left the room and you have entered it, you could get an infection because the microdroplets containing the virus are still in the air. So, think twice before you go out without that mask.


Myth No. 6

I have taken the vaccine/ had an infection already. Now, I can relax and go out at my whim.


Even if you have had the infection before, doesn’t mean you cannot get it again. People are falling sick with more severity who had the infection before. Neither you should overlook the safety protocols after taking the vaccine. The vaccine is teaching your immune system to fight the virus on infection. Doesn’t mean you got to have the infection to test the vaccine.


The picture is bad in many states of our country. It is scary and heartbreaking to die alone without a respectful funeral. Or going away so soon when you have half of the life ahead of you.

Stay indoors. Stay safe. Wear your Mask. Follow the safety protocols.