Dear Jacqueline’s hair… stop being so sexy!

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Small screen timing is a very hectic task to achieve but they managed it somehow.

“Chale jab tu latak matak

Laundon ke dil patak patak

Saansein jayein atak atak

Atta maajhi satak satak”

If you feel after reading these lines, ‘Damn it’s catchy, I like it’ then read along…

We all know these four lines from Badshah’s top chart song ‘Genda Phool’. We are aware of the lyrics, the sultry dance moves of Jaqueline Fernandez.  Badshah’s song ‘Genda Phool’, according to Youtube it is the most-watched video of 2020. No doubt Miss Fernandez and her red white saree played a huge part to make the song one of the highest viewed videos of this year. The song presented itself with a whole lot to write about. But we won’t because we are here to talk about something else- the mastermind behind Jacqueline Fernandez’s hair. It is none other than hairstylist Madhav Trehan.

The wavy hairstyle with that saree was created by Trehan and he has already worked with this Sri Lankan beauty.


The young and talented hairstyle, Madhav says, “It always feels good working with her, no doubt. Especially working with her in Genda Phool was simply beautiful. I clearly remember when I was asked to style 3 different hairdos for Jacqueline. The style was based on a Bengali woman. I had to take help from a Bengali friend of mine for some basic reference and how Bengali girls generally do their hair. High pony, wavy, and straight long hair were a few of the looks we had decided on. Initially, she was very nervous but things changed once the cameras started rolling, we were all confident.”

Madhav thinks doing the hair is always challenging in music videos since it is for a very short span of time. Small screen timing is a very hectic task to achieve but they managed it somehow.

What if we ask you what do you think made the music video stand out from the crowd and made it top the charts?