Grasp the Feel of Thandai in Holi!

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The festival of colors is way more than just splashing colors here and there. It is about a series of things that together come up as a day of celebration. One of the most popular parts of the celebration is the Thandai, helping you to relax your throat and taste buds with coldness and sweetness.

This cold drink has got different recipes in different regions. Mainly, it is made out of milk and sure. The mixture is then accompanied by some add-ons like almonds, poppy seeds, saffron, rose petals, etc. In some places fruits like mango, watermelon is also used to make the Thandai.


In Kolkata, some of the best places where you can grasp the feel of Thandai are Shivashram at Hedua, Rallis at Golpark, Bhootnath at Nimtala Ghat, and in many beverage shops at Burabazar and Jadavpur. On the occasion of Holi, people even make Thandai at home.

There is even a tradition of collecting funds from among the neighbors to make buckets of Thandai, and then enjoying it while playing Holi in the locality. Such an event holds a feeling of sharing the fruits of celebration, together. Thus, making the festival of colors more vibrant and inclusive. Perhaps, the inclusive celebration of associating with nature and its beautiful colors. Colors that give a different vision to your life. Colors allow you to see your life in a new way. A way that involves not just you, but your loved ones with whom you want to be attached for the rest of your life.