Meet the Nawabs at Zakaria Street!

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The distinct smell of kababs, chicken even fried fish will tell you that you have reached the ultimate destination of food.

Have you ever been to a souk (A market where you find everything)?

If you haven’t then don’t worry. You don’t have to travel to Dubai to be in a souk. Kolkata has one such souk at Zakaria street. If you’re one of those souls who get nostalgic after one sudden whiff of Rogan Josh or be it Moradabadi  Laziz Kabab. Then you’re at the right place.

For foodies who are fond of Mughlai delicacies, this is the time to hit Zakaria Street (Jacquaria Street) situated near Mahatma Gandhi Road in Kolkata. A commercial hub for many and home to the largest mosque in Kolkata ‘Nakhoda Masjid’. We can’t deny the fact that Kolkatans are born foodies. We love our ‘bhaat ghum’ and simultaneously we love the Mughal food during Ramadan.

Penetrate a bit more and on the interiors, and you will be surrounded by different smells which will challenge your taste buds and imagination. The distinct smell of Kababs, chicken even fried fish will tell you that you have reached the ultimate destination of food. Not just the daily street food, Kolkata brings the best of it during every celebration.


Shops to be explored: Kababs and many more

The first shop which will take your breath away is the Bihari Food Corner.  Pyaare Kabab-The signature item will melt in your mouth. As the story goes, the kabab was invented to please an Awadhi Nawab who lost all his teeth.

The next shop would be Taskeen. If you’re a true-blue foodaholic then it won’t get missed. The Seekh Kababs will not only leave a forever imprint on your taste buds and your memory.

Few stop ahead one can find the legendary Murgh Changezi was named after the notorious Mongolian invader, Chengiz Khan. Speaking about this dish it is called ‘deep-fried marinated chicken.’ If you want some tongue-twisting name for your Instagram post then opt for the Mahi Akbari -humongous Katla rings. They are marinated and deep-fried with rich, hot spices and served hot.


Sort of bread: Sheemal or Bakarkhani

If you’re one of those who are inclined towards bread then opt for Sheemal or Bakarkhani. The Bakar Khani bread is a thick and crispy layered bread smeared with poppy seeds (it does look like garlic bread with no garlic on it), on the other hand, Sheermal is as soft and sweet as the milk forms an integral part of its dough.

More kababs: More the marrier

Yes, one can find beef kababs too and Abdul Hamid’s Khiri Kebab shop is famous for it.

The queen of hearts: Sweets

For those with a sweet tooth, there is a wide variety to choose from. Be it those creamy, saffron-dry fruits sprinkled bread at Lucknowi Shahi Tukra or a glass of Faluda. These sweets will make you smirk and let you forget time.