Oh…! Kolkata You’re Beautiful!

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Dear City of Joy, Get Well Soon!

This city is popularly known as the ‘cultural capital’ of the country and a large subset of cultural heritage comes from the families living here for more than decades. Kolkata has an old city charm and people dwelling in this place have distinct characters. This city has its own charm and it can surely mesmerize you with its warmth. The city of Joy will never fail you. Here are few points, which separate Kolkata from the people of Mumbai or Delhi. Take a look:

The Lazy Sunday Bazaar:

Bengalis like to spend their Sundays in a typical Bengali way and Sunday in the city comes with its unmistakable siesta.


Noon Nap:

The few hours between 1-4 p.m are noticeably quiet. An afternoon for the Bengalis is a must. However, the lull is broken with a cup of chai in the evening.


The Love for Sports:

Kolkata is the ‘Mecca of Football’. For a traditional Bengali, love is like none other!


Food is Bae:

Bengalis sweet and spicy food is the backbone of Bengal. Jhal Muri and Egg roll are the common feasts and park street is a prominent place to save your tongue. You can find eateries in several nooks and corners of Kolkata.


Life on Wheels:

The yellow ambassador taxis are considered to be an old charm of Kolkata, while the bus ride in this city can often turn into an interesting ride. “Dada, ektu side”, is one of the most used terms in Kolkata.