Sattu: A Middle Class Protein..!

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Popularly called the ‘poor man’s protein’, Sattu is the latest food which is rapidly gaining popularity. Thanks to Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh, this underestimated food ingredient has gained much deserving acceptance in recent times. It is basically a flour-like element that is high in nutrients and is frequently called the powerhouse of energy. Although it is readily available in the market, on the streets and you can also comfortably make it at home. All you need to do is to roast the Gram (chana) in a utensil. Allow it to cool, then finely grind the roasted chana with the help of a grinder. Your homemade Sattu is ready to use.


Recognized as a leading eatery of Bihar and Jharkhand, Sattu is now a global superfood that people have started consuming. One of the effortless uses of Sattu is to make a sharbat either sweet or salty. According to the doctors, this drink helps the body against sunstroke. Made with sattu, lemon, onion, black salt, chaat masala, cumin powder, and water this drink has a tangy and spicy taste. For making the sweet version, take a glass of milk or water, add two tablespoons of sattu powder, one teaspoon of sugar or jaggery, and mix it well. Have it as a complete and tasty breakfast drink. Sattu is also used in making ‘litti’. Moving apart from that, you can make parathas, upma, or even porridge with it. It can also be mixed in milk, like protein powder, and can be consumed on a daily basis.


Workers and farmers consume sattu made with sattu, onion, mustard oil, salt, and green chili as the mid-day meal that not only retains them to fill their stomach for longer but also provides instant energy to work under direct sunlight and helps to prevent inaction.