Simple Skin Care Guide Post-Holi

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After the riot of colors, fun, and party in Holi, we must take extra care of our skin. This year the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things around but, it can’t lessen the spirit of Holi and colors. We will still celebrate Holi among our families with a lot of fun and colors. And, we must because what is Holi without colorful faces. But, post-Holi skin-care is necessary so that you can enjoy Holi without the worry of skin rashes, pigmentation, and dry skin.


Here’s what you can do to fight post-Holi skin problems.

For Skincare

1. Avoid harsh soaps or strong face washes to take off the colors from the face. Instead of soaps, go for home-made cleansers or herbal cleansers that will be more gentle on the skin. Never use a face scrub to wash out Holi colors.

2. Dry dust the colors first. Then dab cotton balls in a teaspoon of milk. Or, make a paste of rose water, besan, curd, and honey. This natural cleanser will not only help you get rid of the colors but prevent the skin from drying out.

3. Many times, the skin absorbs the chemical-based colors and thus it becomes dry and patchy. So, after washing the colors, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin. Do this at home with a coffee-based de-tan paste. It will also restore your original skin tone.

4. Use a natural face pack made from papaya paste, milk, honey, and lemon juice to regain the skin’s pH and radiance.

5. Use a good moisturizer or moisture-based greasy cream to lock the skin moisture.

6. Avoid going to a spa or sauna for a week post-Holi.


For Haircare

1. Dry dust the colors from hair and use a natural scalp pack to cleanse the scalp. Prepare a mixture by mixing coconut oil, honey, olive oil, and yogurt (Dahi) in similar proportions.

2. Apply this mixture and leave for 25 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Do not use chemical shampoo to wash off the colors. And never apply shampoo more than once.

3. Condition your hairs with a good quality herbal conditioner. You can also scrape out aloe vera jelly at home and apply it to hairs. It’s the best natural conditioner you can use to nourish and condition your hairs.


Stay Safe and Stay Natural.