The Combination of Saree and Dhuti-Panjabi: Love birds of Kolkata!

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In a country of diversity, attire is one of the important aspects to define a locality. Accordingly, when it comes to the ‘city of joy- Kolkata’, the traditional dressing style is usually saree for women and Dhuti-Panjabi for men. Even though men and women in Kolkata wear various dresses depending on their choices, the love birds remain constant.

Saree and Dhuti-Panjabi are the customary ‘lovebirds in the context of dressing style which you would find among men and women of all ages. Starting from marriage ceremonies to festivals like Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, or Poila Baishak, from freshers party to farewell in schools and colleges, Valentines Day or Independence Day, you would find couples walking hand in hand in the streets, in the attire of the so-called ‘love birds’, Saree and Dhuti-Panjabi.


This craze for having a combination of Saree and Dhuti-Panjabi on any occasion is mostly seen among teenagers nowadays. Certainty’s the compatibility that the teenagers seek to highlight and that isn’t anything wrong. You would find social media posts and pictures where such a combination is widely admired. Simultaneously, you would find this combination in fashion shows and ramp walks, posters, and advertisements across the city.


But not to forget, dressing is hugely an individual’s choice. Perhaps, an individual who isn’t comfortable wearing a Saree or a Dhuti might as well want to walk hand in hand with their partners.