The Glory of Bindi and Kajal…

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Perhaps, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty lies in the conscience and humanity. However, the city has got a craze for bindi and kajal. When we were a child, girls like me have surely dressed up in similarity with their mothers. The two things that were mandatory, are definitely the stokes of Kajal swung from one side of the eyes to another and a bindi on the forehead.

The glory of bindi and Kajal lies in its combination. It’s like a ‘jodi’ that looks incomplete without each other. Somehow it feels so when we look into the mirror after dressing up. Even though it holds a trademark for married women, any woman would love to wear it, irrespective of age and status.


Not only in cultural programs but on any occasion or even on any casual days, the beauty of such a combination can no wonder take your breath. Somehow, you can see yourself changed. Your complexities have gone. You are confident. You look bright. And, even with all your life problems, you start loving yourself all over again. This self-love is something that any woman would want to fetch after ages of humiliation and gender disparity.

Alert! If anyone thinks that you wear a bindi and kajal to impress others, you perhaps don’t need to fight and prove them wrong. The glory of bindi and kajal says it all. It’s self-love, confidence, and the choice of living on one’s own terms.