What About Victoria’s Famous Bhelpuri?

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Bhelpuri is one of those lip-smacking street food that instantly reminds childhood and adolescence for many of us. Growing up, with the speed we didn’t enjoy that much amount of entertainment that kids today have. An outing firstly involved us heading towards Victoria or Princep Ghat to spend some beautiful times with our friends and family. One of the many Kolkata street food that is popular in bustling areas of the city. If you are a lover of street food, then Bhelpuri should definitely be one of your favorites.


After many courses of exhaustion, as a special treat, we would be treated to Bhelpuri from outside the vendor’s cart. We would look on, awestruck, as the vendor instantly chucked puffed rice, papri/ papdi (crisp chickpea chips), sliced potato, and sev (long thin noodles) into a big open utensil. He would then toss in a handful of sliced onions, perhaps some spicy chickpeas, some peanuts, and fresh coriander into the mix. Then dispersed on some chutneys, whip it all together and ladle it into cone-shaped scrapped paper, then pass it on to our impatient hands.


Nothing beats the explosion of flavors and textures that greeted our first bite. Sweet, salty, spicy, tangy, crisp, chewy, soft, they were all there. Nothing comes close to water smacking Bhel- puri as kids or as teenagers, bunking off college to hang out to Princep or Victoria to cure the hunger.

You can add more spices to it if you love spicy food. It is one of the best street foods that come at an affordable price.